The process of making handmade paper products at Suvina Papercraft is simple and consensual.

The team brainstorms ideas about the type of product that should be produced and how and what color and what type of paper and what design parameters, etc. A design is drawn up and a prototype made. Based on feedback, a working prototype is made using different types of paper. Comparative products are examined and evaluated. Once this gets the go-ahead, the procurement person scouts for the best type and grammage of paper from various manufacturers' short listed and places an order.

The paper is checked for quality and other parameters and then taken up for manufacture of the products. The final design is transferred onto the paper and the paper cut according to design and size. The design is explained to the team of women who will process the product. The cut paper is then creased, folded and pasted according to the design. Accessories are attached, printing where required is done. The product is quality checked at every stage and a good product emerges finally. If required, the ornamentation artist steps in to make the product even more beautiful using dried flowers, leaves, etc or a paint brush and paint.

Cleanliness and good practices are followed at all times and stages and the supervisor has an eagle eye on all the stages and people. Having a small team at each location helps and fosters great camaraderie. A lot of stories and jokes fly around and the radio generally adds to the overall bedlam. But the work gets done and more often then not, wonderfully ! We hope you will agree after you see and use our products. If not, do be the first to tell us. We welcome your feedback, be it bouquets or brickbats and we shall try to improve wherever we can.

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